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Iesha Sturdivant, is a singer-songwriter, multilayered inspirational artist from Chicago. Her early experience includes writing, recording, touring with national & international artists and appearing on American Idol. Performing in a wide range of venues, festivals, guest appearances and interviews, Singer Esh brings a wealth of knowledge, style and substance to her performances. 

It doesn't matter what genre you prefer, Esh is changing the way we listen to and experience music. Passionate about cultivating hope, healing, resilience, and learning opportunities through community partnerships, Esh is currently working on a solo project as well as facilitating music healing sessions for organizations. These sessions aim to empower participants to find meaning and purpose through music..

“Music has always been a part of my healing journey. It’s in everything I do. To understand music is to understand life. To understand life is to understand oneself." - Esh

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