You Should Know Me!


Singer-songwriter, Esh [pronounced ēsh] communicates a host of emotions, with her exuberant energy and unapologetic bravura.

Esh's early experience includes writing, recording, touring as a background vocalist, fronting an alternative-rock band, and appearing on American Idol. Performing in various venues and appearances on TV shows, Esh brings a wealth of style and substance to her performances. Her songs are straight forward, and her voice is captivating with a delivery that's deeply felt by her listeners.

Working on a solo project, Esh has never forgotten her roots. "I grew up in church.The therapeutic powers of music, voice tones, and multiple instruments made me want to pursue a career in music. I'd like to get back to that with this upcoming project."  

Through musical healing programs in partnership with community nonprofit organizations, Esh understands music as much more than simply entertainment. Facilitating workshops to participants, emphasizing healing, emotions, language, and behavioral change.

There is no doubt that music can impact and transform lives.